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  • Ginger was a elementary teacher to two of my older children and taught them reading, writing  and math. My eldest son has autism and various learning disabilities. After a year with Ginger, he was reading at a level above 90% of kids in state testing. My oldest daughter was introverted and advanced, she learned to love learning from her elementary years with Ginger. Ginger is now a tutor to my 8 yr old daughter and 5 yr old son. My 8 yr old was struggling to learn to read and write, after Ginger working with her on a weekly basis, she is now reading at her grade level and writing. My daughter is easily discouraged  and struggles to focus, but Ginger is very creative with her teaching methods and developed an individualized program to encourage and keep her focus while making strides in her skills! My 5 yr old is struggling to recognize letters and write. Ginger has kept his experience fun and personal to his interests. They both love their time at Tutoring Place and look forward to it all week!
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Cari B.  Mother of 4
  • We have been going to the Tutoring place for a year and a half now. Ginger has helped my kids so much. My oldest Jaxson was really behind in reading so we originally started for help with reading, She has helped build his confidence back up. She also started tutoring my middle child and has been helping her with learning her alphabet/numbers. My children love seeing her each week and are always asking when they can go back. Always coming home with everything they learned that day, she is so hands-on and unique to each child's individual needs. For example, Jaxson loves Pokemon. She went and purchased pokemon books with her own money for him to try and get his interest. IT WORKED! She also plays pokemon battles with him for his math. Madison is very crafty so most of their visits always involve art, and all the learning games to help with sight words, numbers. SHE IS AMAZING!
Heather B. Mother of 3